Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hi and welcome to the SWKAD first ever blog hop. You have just left Michelle for your next stop with me.

Hi, I'm Rebekkah. I'm engaged to my wonderful partner Darrel, mum to Trinity (2.5 yrs) and Dawson (16mths) and we live in melbournes south east suburbs.
I have been scrapping for just over 6 years now and still love it. I am lucky enough to design to for Jules at SKWAD and be able to have this creative outlet to be able to record my kids and familys activities..

 I have taken a break in the last few months due to ill health, but now the mojo is back and raring to go, hence why i loved Jules idea to have a bloghop (see details and instructions below) and a recipe challenge was just the thing to get that mojo really pumping..

Jules and all the team at Scrapbook Kits with a Difference, would like to welcome you to the first ever blog hop.

The blog hop begins at the Scrapbook Kits with A Difference blog. SKWAD blog.
Here, you can find all the designers particpating in the blog hop and follow the hop from the first designer to the last, hopefully finding some amazing inspiration along the way.
We are giving away three amazing kits to the people who participate in the blog hop.  
Our 3 lucky winners will be randomly chosen after the hop is over. 
 The Blog Hop runs from July 15th - 22nd July.
(midnight AUS Eastern Standard Time).
Winners will be announced on the SKWAD blog on Tuesday 24th July.
To be in the draw to win one of the fabulous Scrapbook Kits kits is the following:
1. Become a follower on our SKWAD blog.
2. Like us on our Facebook Page (link can be found on the top right side of the blog).
3. Add our SKWAD blinkie to your blog.
4. Leave a comment on each designer's blog and on the SKWAD blog too.
5. If you create, and share a layout, using our Blog Hop Recipe, you will receive 5 extra tickets in the draw.

This is my take on the recipe challenge..

Official Blog Hop Recipe for 15th July: 3 photos, 1 cardstock, 2 patterned papers, a wet medium, a mask, raw chipboard, 5 buttons (or brads), 3 rows of text, twine (or string), and 2 butterflies. Flowers, ribbons, and bling are all optional

I really enjoyed this one and love the idea of the three photos because i am not one to use a lot of multi photos on my layouts. I knew which photos i would use immediately. I am not one for brads or buttons really, so i compromised and used pearls because thats all i had. At this stage, my son Dawson had just gotten his first tooth at 5 months and this was one rare day he was actually smiling as it has been rather hard on him with his teeth coming through.

Our July kits are amazing this month with all the team doing some fantastic los so dont be long in ordering one, they are sure to sell out VERY fast. All kits come with instructions from the designer as well, so you too can try a different style, or technique.. give it a go..and let us know what you come up with !

Well, i hope you are getting inspired by our talented design team here at SKWAD and if you have lost your way please revisit here to find who you have missed out on.. if not, please make your way to see Annette  ...

One talented designer, Annette is our last stop on our blog hop and i am sure she will have you mesmerised with her designs.. and dont forget to enter your recipe challenge here.. we are all eager to see what you come up with !!

Happy Scrapping
Rebekkah xo

Its been a while hasnt it?


If you have all been wondering where i have been, well i have had to have my gallbladder out. I had this out in May after nearly 6 months of in and out of hospital for re ocurring bouts of pain and sickness.
I decided to give myself some time off from blogland and recover slowly so when i did come back at least i would be refreshed.
But that didnt mean i stopped creating..
so onto some shares !
During my time away... Mel told me that i have been accepted to design for STB for another six months.. i am so excited..
so heres our July Challenge.. on school photos..
STB July
and my take on it..

This is a photo of my dad in school. Its a bit worn, but unfortunately we couldnt get the original fixed although we tried a few times. In the end i decided to use anyway as it adds to the vintage feel.

Heres some other things i have created but havent been able to share..

Scrap the boys June..

Subject : Helping..

I was sick when i did this, had just come out of hospital and didnt upload it in time.. but at least i got it done..

Dawson is my little helper and loves to help me hang out the washing (and also pull it down :) ) packing things up and getting them out, unmake the bed lol and messing up his sisters room..
I think its a sign of things to come..

Also, i have another share, yes i was busy wasnt i ?

This is also for Scrapbook kits..

I had to use this photo, as its one i had been dying to scrap it and the colours in this kit were perfect for it.
Dawson and proud papa just minutes after he was born, as Darrel was still in his theatre scrubs.
The key to my heart is in my home life, i think this kit really had me from the minute  i got it. You kind of get caught up in day to day things all the time and sometimes its nice to be reminded of this.. and how lucky you actually are.

Well in other news .. challenge heaven has now closed. I am finalising the site next week. Its sad, but due to rising costs and ning, i have decided to close it down.
On a more exciting note, i have launched Challenge Inc a new blog challenge site. Three challenges per month including one sketch and some great sponsors as well.
Challenges are due 14th month and new ones are listed on the 15th i hope you can find time to check us out !!
Anyway thanks for stopping by !
Happy Scrapping.
Bek xo

Tommorrow, we are doing a blog hop for SKWAD so make sure you come and check it out ! Our girls are so talented !

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life gets in the way ..

Do you ever have times where life just catches up with you a little?
That has been me this last month.
I have started a wonderful new job and i am loving it although it has been tough at times.
The kids have been sick as well which hasnt helped.
But i am here now and i have caught up on my scrapping commitments.
I have tried to do everything but unfortunately i can only do so much.
I hope you can all try and understand.

But i digress..

Here are my Scrapbook kits latest creations.. from the April kit !!



Bff.. they are so so cute.. arent they ???

and then this for the inspiration challenge..

I really liked this one.  It was taken from this...

So why not head on over to Scrapbook kits and check out the other kits and designs too??

Over at Challenge Heaven we are doing the new April challenges.
Make sure that you come and check out our new challenges... theyre a little bit different this month i am sure you will all agree !!

Be back soon to share my STB entry for April.. :) You will love this one this month !!

Bek xoxox

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Woo Hoo !! New Month !

Woot Woot !

I love March !!
Not only is it my birthday month, but i love it because it signals the new cooler weather as well.. rain.. autumn, etc,. i love it all :)
Yeah call me sad, but i really do love it, i love cuddling up to Darrel and a nice bowl of soup or snuggling with the kids under the blankies.. and a nice warm cup of coffee or hot chockie.. yumm.. yep i love it.. and of course then because you can get distracted by the hot weather... you can SCRAP!

SO with March.. comes new challenges.. here are mine for the month !!

Over at Scrap with V, we have the kit for March i designed..
Please find it here :Scrap with V March Kit designed by Bek..
Its a great reasonably priced kit this month as well and you get so much out of it.. i loved all the flowers and the colours were really easy to use together.. thanks Jules for another wonderful kit.

Here are the los :

i really love this one above, it shows off the kit really lovely and i really love the autumn leaves flower stamp, i think it might become a new fave lol..

Another simple one, just using the kit to its full advantage. How cute is this photo? Lots of gesso to create texture and dry brushing the torquoise paint around. i like how this looks..

Next up..

Southern Girls Challenges..

My last lo for the girls.. :(

Hidden Journalling..

Note the tags on the left?? Hidden journalling which reads :

Trin, as you grow older, our wish for you is to be loving, gentle, patient, kind, to be thoughtful and respectful of others. Be passionate about what you believe and stand up for your rights, but dont stand on others points of view. Remember everyone is equal and deserves a chance as much as you do. Never be rude or disrespectful, treat others as you would like to be treated. Stick up for others who cant fend for themselves, not a bully,and be a leader,not a follower, be confident, not arrogrant, be firm, not forceful, be tactful, not tactless and you will go far.. :)

So sad to leave the team..:(.. wish i could have stayed on :(

Onto Scrap the Boys

Heres the March Challenge : the colour red, the title, life is good...

I have just done my first lo for the CT..


 Not the greatest pic, but the lighting here has been terrible..due to our bad weather...

I loved this challenge.. :) Bring on more !!

and finally a sponsored product challenge for STS for March Sponsor The chip chop shop .. thanks to the lovely Miss Leeann Pearce for her sponsorship this month.. it means alot !!  

Dont you just love her clay buttons?? LOVe, Love, Love !!
I am so in love with the little girl that prays ..LOL !

Well thats it for me today.. will be back in the next few days with some more shares..

Take care.. :)

Bek xoxo

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scrap the Boys

We have been so sick these past two weeks. I have had pneumonia which nearly landed me in hospital, luckily i was ok, and the doctor said if i got worse to go back, i am getting better though. Then Trin had conjunctivitis, and a cold, Dawsons teething and then yesterday Darrel came home with my flu.. so not much fun here at the moment lol !

But for all the bad luck with ill health, i have had two wonderful weeks as well... so i can finally announce, that i have made the Scrap the Boys team.
Check out the rest of the Scrap the Boys ct team here.

I am so excited to be on this team and look forward to the challenges Mel has in store for us..

On a sader note, my term with SGC has come to an end.. so it is with great regret that i say goodbye to what has been a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful team to work with. Not to mention lovely ladies as well. I wish everyone all the best for the future its been a wonderful 6 mths.

I have been creating and cannot share as yet, but i will be as soon as i am able, so please come back soon.. in the mean time, please check out the following challenges :

1. Scrap the Boys February Challenge

2. Lime Tree Creations Feb Challenge

3. Beyond the Door Feb Challenge

4. Scrap that song Feb Challenge

5. Challenge Heaven Feb Challenges

Well thats all from me for now..

Hope youre all well and i am off to rest and re couperate.

Take care

Bek xox

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scrap the Girls - Feb Challenge.

Another day another challenge..


I wanted to do this one, i dont scrap with turquoise really but there was a few a while back and i had brought some supplies to do those so out came the remnents of those.. lol

SO heres the criteria
The word love in  the title
Colour turqoise..

Heres what  i came up with !

Love this kid..

Credits must go to Scrapbookkits as part of the leftovers were used with this challenge.
Note the flowers and the ribbons..
About this layout.. Trin was just little when this was taken.
 It was taken a few weeks after we moved in here we have been here just on a year now.
I was due to go back to hospital after being turned away for not being dilated enough, so we went home and the floods still threatened the area..
This day we sat outside for a bit and reflected on the days events and she looked so cute crawling and getting dirty i decided to take a few photos as i knew i wouldnt see her for a few days...
That night after her bath, we saw her walk for the very first time..  
Thats why i love this photo and this kid..

Head on over to Scrap the Girls.. its an awesome challenge this month !

Happy Scrapping !

Bek xo

Scrap with v!, Scrap that song

God its Feb already and i havent posted yet ?

Wow.. i promise i am getting better at it now..

Well all i can say is that i am busy but i have things to share, so at least i can do that !

 Scrap with v  has the current sketch up.. why not have a go??
Awesome prizes..

Heres the sketch :

My take.. In da hood !!

I have had this layout in my head for a few weeks now and when i saw the Feb sketch i knew i had to do it..
This particular day sees Dawson in winter, it was really cold, but the beanie i had been given was a little big and fell on top of his head when i put it on. He was asleep when i put it on originally, but then woke up and went back to sleep.. so cute.. had to get a photo before i took it off!

I am loving my scrapping at the moment, i feel like i am enjoying it more, i am inspired to create and dont feel like i "have" to either. Its nice to have a kit arrive every few months to play with to give you another challenge to create with, but also challenges to keep you active and entertained..

Thanks Jules for the amazing sketch.. Jules sketches are fantastic and i think i have done some of my best work with her sketches i think, so keep them coming!

Scrap that Song...


This month over at Scrap That Song , our challenge this month is a break up song..
Sick of the lovey dovey songs this month in challenges?
Well we did something different..

This is my song Stronger by Kelly Clarkson.. i personally can relate to the song and it really does ring true for me. I think its a great break up song.. Why not choose your own song??

Entries are due by midnight 29th Feb...

Thanks for stopping by
Happy scrapping
Bek xox

Monday, February 6, 2012

More scrapping !

Told you i have been scrapping alot.. he he !

This one is for fun.. just love it..

This is my take on the Scrap with v sketch for Feb.. a bit late to get on the blog.. oh well.. here it is anyway !

How cute is this huh ?? I love it..

Well thats it for tonight.. off to bed for me.. lots to do tommorrow..

Catch up tommorrow..

Bek xox

123 Guest Designer Challenge.. on behalf of Lime Tree Creations..

Wow what an honour !

I have been VERY busy over the last few weeks designing and scrapping my little heart out.

So i have had two guest design spots and as an added extra i was asked to design for Lime Tree to take part in the 123 Guest Design Challenge.. so this is what i come up with.. :

Criteria :

Fraying ..

Dolly Love

So it was a great honour to represent Beccis Lime Tree Creations.. i love her crochet goodies and she puts such love and care into each peice..
I also adore Charms Creations lollipops.. and i pretty much buy a heap and then use them sparingly.. lol.. i always need more..
Incase you cant see it, i have frayed the pink material and also the charms lollipop is also frayed..
Fingers crossed for Becci .. hope shes happy with what i have done as i love using her products.. :)

So there you go !

Bek xoo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am so lucky lucky lucky... lol..

Me !

I am SO lucky, i was asked to be asked to be a GD to 2 blogs this month !

Beyond the Door..

I was asked by the lovely Catie Unger to do a GD spot on Beyond the door...
Beyond the Door for those of you who havent tried it is a great little blog that challenges you to scrap the colours or sentiments of a room chosen by Catie. There have been some fantastic rooms lately and i have really loved playing along !

Heres the Room we were inspired to create from :

Beyond the Door - February Challenge

Arent the colours amazing ?? I loved this room.. so funky and bold and striking..
So i came up with Darrels favourite layout of all time...


Crawl -Rebekkah Lynch
 I loved this room ! Thanks for the opportunity Catie, i really appreciate it, and i feel so privledged to be this months Guest Designer for Beyond the Door along with their amazing team !

I hope you can all give Caties challenge a go. !
Would love to see some of your takes on this challenge !

Bek xox

As you can see on the above lo too..  i have used a lovely Charms Creations lollipop too.. I am just in love with her flowers and try to use one on all my los ..funny... they just seem to go with everything and i am going to the sale this week too ..

Come back tommorrow i will be sharing Scrap that song and challenge heaven challenges..

Bek xox

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Busy Bee...

Hi !

Welcome to February !
Wow isnt time flying by??
Through Jan it was a busy month for me ..let me tell you what i got up to !

Becci Sundberg is the owner of Lime Tree Creations, a cute little site that specialises in handmade items that are crocheted.

I have been so priviledged this month to be asked to design for February for Lime Tree Creations.
I am lucky enough to know Becci and she asked me to create some designs last year for LTC for Feb and of course i said YES!
So she sent me a VERY GENEROUS pack, the FEB challenge criteria - i ( heart ) ... and away i went !

Free Spirit - Lime Tree Creations Guest Designer February.
So who do i heart ???
This is of course my little free spirit Trinity, who is 2 , who is in every sense of the word.. Shes a handful at times to be sure, but shes so funny and shes got such a loving nature about her thats shes gonna be one of those kids who will melt your heart.. I can just see it..

Close up of Lime Tree Creations Round Crochet buttons with ceramic round buttons.
Of all Becci's creations, i love the crochet round buttons and flowers the most, theyre so fresh n funky..and great for adding things to. In my case i added another cardboard flower embellie and with the round one i added one of Becci"s little ceramic buttons as well and tied it with a little bit of string.

The runner is actually a very generous size and would fit across the whole page, i had heaps of left over to do more layouts.

This is just an alternative idea as well that you can use for some of the smaller items in the pack..

This is one of Becci's little hearts that came painted and i tied the string through it..

Make sure you head on over to Becci's site to have a go at this challenge..

It was such a great generous pack full of lots of fun goodies !

Thanks Becci for the opportunity to be the first ever guest designer for Lime Tree Creations.
I hope you liked my designs because i loved designing for you!

What an honour!

Bek xox

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Challenge Heaven Cyber Crop !

Yep Hello !

Challenge Heaven is having their First Cyber Crop for the year !

We decided to call it new beginnings as at this time of year we all make some right - or try to !
We also have a new design team and new challenges as well so we are making the most of it !

Heres the low down - hope you can join us !
Register your attendance in the forum !
We hope to see you all there !

Take Care
Bek xox

Ooops.. need to post more !

Hi There !

Its been a while hasnt it?
I really dont like to go this long without a post.. but life has gotten in the way.

Its getting harder to try and do so many things lately!
For those of you who are wondering why i take so long to get things done its this !

1. A little 2 year old princess who wants EVERYTHING NOW!

2. An 11 mth who is just starting to crawl and pull himself around and is NOW into EVERYTHING! LOL!

Those are the MAIN reasons like any mum i am not getting much done! LOL !
Not much to share in scrapping just yet, but be on the lookout as there is things coming up !
We are having our first CC at Challenge Heaven, we hope you can come along and support us !
Take Care
Bek xox

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

another day another share :)

Hi !

Well i have another share today.

Just a random just because. I have decided to do more "me" layouts!
Not for a dt not for a theme, not for a challenge site, but just because i want to.

Here it is :)

Dawson at Play.

This year is all about organisation for me.
I am not trying to just organise the household but my personal time too.
Do u ever feel like its getting all too much ?
Well it can be here testing days and the like - the kids can be terrors at times like most peoples but then, i think how lucky i am to have them at all and i know that these stages pass.
Then i look at the photos i scrap of my kids and i fall in love with them all over again.

We have been hit with an icy blast here today. But thats melbourne weather for ya !
Poor kids theyre so bored..hopefully we can get out on the weekend.

On other news i have left my old job and now have an interview tommorrow.. wish me luck.
Bek xxx

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'm Back !!!!!!!

Hi Ya !
Happy New Year !

I am so excited to be here in 2012. Finally!!
Its been a quiet one this year as we have needed the rest really after a very busy December.

So.. whats everyone been up to ? We didnt do that much over the break but we had some fun anyway with the kids.

Heres  just a snippet... of December..
Darrels Cousin Nicki came over from England to visit us...

Darrels cousin Nicki visited us from England.
This is Darrels, brother and sister with Nicki.
 Darrel, Erica, Nicki and Warren.

The mothers groups birthday party for the kidlets.
Maddy, Mackenzie, Trinity and Madeline.

Trinitys birthday cake we took to Gmas and Gpas..Yumm!
Loves upsy daisy at the moment !

So we have a little bit of fun. It is always hard in December for us. Such a busy month and to top it off i had a computer breakdown too. So i am now typing on the new laptop Darrel and i brought for ourselves.
Its been great and we love it. Still able to use the old one, just in limited blocks though.


I also have been busy scrapping again.. heres the latest offerings at scrapbook kits.  This is one of the Jan kits that Jules has got available and its such a great kit for boys and mens pages as well.  Heres what i did with the kit.

Some kind of wonderful.. cause he is :) 

Close up.. :)

Precious - Darrel and Dawson

Timeless - Finally got to scrap this photo.
My friend Lisa took of us the night before Trinity was born.

Also at Southern Girls  we have our Jan Challenge up no 35 ! Please come and play along its really simple and so so much fun.. we would love to see more of the internationals play and theres fabulous sponsors as well.. so go on join on the fun ! Heres my take on this challenge...

Trin the little beautiful book worm..

Challenge Heaven is geared up for 2012 as well,  if you havent checked out the site lately please do, we have a few exciting things coming up in Jan already.
We are currently taking sign ups for the Jan crop which happens on 27 Jan so mark it in your calendars and come and join in the fun...
Jans theme is all about new beginnings... do you have any ?? 
Find all the details here :

Also its a bumper month at scrap that song as we have songs for the little ones this month.  Our lovely sponsor is Sue from lovely bits and bobs and we are so stoked to have her as our January sponsor! She provided the dt with some gorgeous buttons that are so cute and suited our theme so please go along and check out the site. While youre there also have a look at the Dt blogs they are such a talented group of ladies.

I have been inspired by Becci from Beccis Domestic Bliss to get organised this year and trying to follow her lead of doing different things.. to be more organised etc.. she has loads of ideas, check them out !!!!

So i have also started a menu list too.
Just one of my ways to get organised this year - whats yours like?

Menu !
Monday - Chicken skewers and Salad
Tuesday - Homemade rissoles and salad
Wednesday -Frittata and salad
Thursday -  Chow mein
Friday - Chow mein
Sat - takeaway
Sun - lasagne & veg

Well thats it for me for this first post of 2012.. !
Welcome to a new year !!
Happy scrapping peeps!
Bek xx