Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter..

Wow.. easter is almost over.. where did that go??

I have a few more days to get my other 2 challenges done - i promised 5 los by end of april - not bad with 3 completed already.. i am finding it tough atm trying to get some time to do them scrapping on friday night though with some lovely lassies, hopefully i can get some completed then.

We had a quiet easter this year with bubba in tow, can be hard when your still feeding every three hours. But am looking forward to him settling.. have photos of trini with chocolate - my little girl loves it already - just what i was afraid of.. she has my sweet tooth.

Tommorrow is more garage cleaning up am looking forward to that - my scrappy stuff is in boxes atm and i cant wait to get it all in there..

I set up a new blog tonight for my kids clothing business jackandmille you can find it here :

It is a recycled childrens clothing site, so far i have girls items only but i will have boys as well.. i am in the midst of obtaining them. Sneal peaks will be available after the 15th and go until the sale at the end of may - check the site for more details..

So, if you have got this far - thanks and enjoy your holiday... xx

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