Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello MOJO ! Where you been?

Dont you just love it when ideas come together? I do.
Mojo is back honey - in a big way lol..
I love looking at all the delightful inspiration out there and being so inspired myself to sit down wth one of my sketches and just scrap.
I am by no means good, but i try and i just love that the ideas are there (thank everyone) and its flowing again. I am inspired by so many people, places, things, my family and products. I am beginning to just soak up whats around me and just create again - its so nice to be doing what i love again..without any real pressure, except my kids lol.
I do find i scrap my best under pressure and if i want to get a page down. Its like this incessant
So, without further adue, heres my latest layout.

and this, JOY.. my fave lo of the year so far...

This is for Kraft It Up. their july challenge..

You had to include the colours from this.. so i was inspired by the number of cupcakes, and the colours and i included these on the layout. I also loved the flowers as well.
Thanks KIU for a great challenge.. loved it, as i dont usually scrap those colours with kraft, mainly white..

I wasnt sure about this one at first, spent a bit of time on it as i wasnt sure about the kraft and the colours working for me,but i am happy with the result and love this photo of Trin..
So loving misting and painting lol.. i guess its showing.. :)

Not much else to report, scrap that song is getting more followers which is great and i hope you can play along with us. Also the ct call and july challenge is still on and only a few more days to go.. so if you havent joined it yet why not give it a go..

Hi to all the girls from Scrap with V, i know we will be checking each others blogs out - we will be doing a blog hop soon, so excited to be working with you all..

Thats it from me for now..
Happy Scrappin..
Beks xx

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Woo Hooo.. !!! Another one to share and some exciting news.

Woo Hoo !  I am loving scrapping again and my mojo is back in full swing.
Mind you, it helps that i have a scrapping muse whos cute as a button. I am lovng the STB challenges and i have been hanging out to do some..
I am getting such great shots at the moment of Dawson growing and learning, its such a beautiful sight.
As much i am complaining about the early starts and the feeds, he is such a happy and delightful little boy who makes gorgeous noises and never really gives us much trouble unlike his sister, lol.
This is for Scrap the Boys.. July Challenge.
Find the challenge here :
The challenge was to use the word PLAY in the title and some masking tape.

Giggle and Play.

 I am really enjoying getting messy with my paints. A few of my past layouts have been like this - i think its becoming an addiction in itself at the moment.
Mind you they are very simple at the moment - another thing i am enjoying as with 2 small kids i dont have time to stuff around. Paints and mists dry really quickly so its easy to do. I have always been a fast scrapper once i have my idea, in some senses, but even more so now. I have been scrapping some sketches i have done in the past that i never released and this has made it so easy to get some pages down.
I am loving playing around with different styles and some of the layouts i have done have been really fun to do and the more traditional ones look quite involved, but they are still completed withn 2 hrs so thats not bad.


Well i think its okay to announce this - i have been accepted to design for Scrap with V.
I was just glancing at the email thinking it was a rejection email, (had plenty of these lately from SM) that i had to re read it to make sure they were saying welcome.. lol.
I am so excited to have been chosen for the Aussie Team and am working with some very talented ladies both here in Oz and around the there is some huge talent out there..
Cant wait to get started. !!! Thanks for having me aboard Julie.
You can find the site here : and the shop here :

Well thats all i have for now.. i am running my first crop tommorrow night. Cant wait..
Better run have a great night :)
Bec xx

Monday, July 18, 2011

Scrappy me .. :)

Scrap the Girls - July.

Hi, i have been hard at work here.. spending the limited time i do have back in the land of scrapping and loving it.
I am getting messy with paints and mists at the moment and loving the way its working for me.
There are so many cool challenges at the moment - i am not sure which ones to do.. lol

But i thought i would share this one.. loved the way it turned out..


So, there she is .. such a mess.. lol. The day this was taken was just the last few days before Dawson was born and it was summer. We had just had some rain and Trini decided to go jump in the puddles and splash dirt all over her face, such a grot. !!

This is for, so why dont you head on over and have a go.. its all about the PINK at the moment.. loving it.. :)

Anyway must head off, its a day for being productive and with the little time i do have i better go and get things done..

Dont forget to check out my new scrappy blog here..

Happy Scrappin..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today i am going to... lol..

Hi everyone..

Im not usually a list maker, but ever since i have had dawson, i have made lists..
lists for shopping, lists for the kids backpacks, and for the nappy bag, lists of housework,
lists of what bills to pay... i've become my mum !! arghh.. not such a bad thing.. but to me -  i prided myself on remembering things.. well not anymore.. lol. baby brain has hit well and truly..
Now i have a list for scrapping..  what products i want to use, or have used, and now what challenges i want to do.. so for this week i have set myself a few challenges..

1. Do 1 or more challenges from Scrapbooking Top 50s Camera Lights Action cc.. on tonight at 8.00 sa time..
2. Scrap the girls one.. looking forward to that one ( have the lo planned in my head already !)
3. Scrap that song my new site.. have to do this one.. lol..
4.White with one 
5.Scrap the boys..

Hopefully i will get them all done.. if not theres always next week.. !

 I will leave you with a few pics taken in the last few days..

 Lacey our cat..
 Dawson in his new bumbo..

Trini being cheeky..

Have a great day doing whatever you have planned.. :)

Bek xx

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blogger me ..

Bad bad blogger.. blogger me..

I have neglected this blog and to my followers i am sorry. But i have had a small little guy to attend lately and some things have had to take precedence over this for the past month but i am back and scrapping. Not a lot at the moment but as i will be able to have a dedicated night to scrapping soon, i promise you it will be a lot more.
So i do have something to share. Finally something i like.

I have done this for the 123 challenge blog.. why dont you have a go.

I really liked the way this turned out.  I liked the teal colour challenge as well.
You cant really see it, but i have used texture paste as well, which i enjoyed.
I am working on a few challenges at the moment, maybe that i can share over the weekend.

I am hosting a scrap night in Frankston at the Frankston South Community Centre on the 22nd for those of you who live on the peninsula or who would like to come..It is $10.00 per ticket, so please email me for more details. - or
We have a few attending already and places are filling fast - so if you would like to come along and meet some new people who love scrapping as much as you do then email me for your ticket. There will be a door prize and a raffle, coffee, soft drink and nibbles provided with a lot of fun thrown in.

Thats it from me for now..
Take Care
Beck xx