Tuesday, May 31, 2011

not much today

Just waiting for the kids to wake up.. cant believe its so quiet.. just enjoying the serenity..
My big sis is coming today for lunch will be nice to spend some time with her b4 she goes away overseas..
Well i have done another lo.. here it is..:

Have to admit i am scrapping again finally and am loving it again.. getting inspired all over again.. a break always recharges the batteries...

Trinity and Dawson are both great . dawsy is smiling away - am loving it. Trinity is teething.. am hating it lol.
Other than that everythings great !

Have made a decision to enter the STGs contest, sent an entry to Mal the other night, ct announced 2 morrow.
I have a feeling i didnt make it but thats ok..  i am glad i just entered this time around.

Off to chat with charm for their june cybercrop 2 morrow night..come join us...


Well off now.. quick clean up b4 sis gets here.

Happy Scrappin..
bek xx

Monday, May 30, 2011

i can share finally :) xx

I have a few i can share today as per yesterdays post.
 I dont pretend to take good photos - stupid camera lol but hopefully you get the idea..

First one was a class... at a local SS..

This one i did cause i was trying the technique on for size..

so there they are .

and then this for charms challenge .... its actually the art journal challenge.. quite a good one to do..

Yes this one is about me and my ex but hey .. !!
i wanted to have the dvorce papers as the background, but couldnt get to them - theyre in a box in a shed.

i liked doing this one alot and it was kind of cleansing to do it, lol..closure is good for the soul...

All done with leftovers of this and that..

Gotta go kids to feed ..
bec xx

i am currently doing two more challenges so will upload these tommorrow.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scrapping to share and other things lol..

Today i managed to scrap.. yay for me.. it was a class and the work is in progress, but i should be able to share later in the week. It was okay, but pretty much left to our own devices.  Lucky for me i am not a newbie so was able to pick it up quickly and teach my gf at the same time the techniques involved. A little disappointed really but at least we got something done.
So onto scrapping i can share - i did these a while ago and havent uploaded.. - me and my camera have been having differences lately - so we have compromised and this is what we have come up with

This was a present for Caley, our neice.

This was taken at the above event ..
my fave pic of Darrel

My fave lo of the year so far ..

love this one too done last year using websters

trying my hand at grunge..

Well thats all for scrapping los for now - have a few more on the go and off to the shed to scrap some more.. all by the fire with a glass of wine for company ...hmmm..

Not the greatest shot, but i love it.. daddy and his bubba boy..

Trinity and Dawson.. "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww bubba!!"
Her fave saying at the moment.

Before  i go i am heading over to here at 7.30 tonight http://alilsomethin.blogspot.com/ make sure you take a look...

Until then - happy scrapping ! xx