Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Scrap the Girls lo.. lol!

Ok Ok.
I have done another one.. yes.. -
What the ? I hear you say..
But why oh wise one???
I had entered this.......


But it was ineligble.. due the MAN in the photo.. what was i thinking ????  
Hello.. !!!LOL!

So i created this.. in its place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closie.. :)

Then i had wanted to do sues one word challenge over at Scrapbooking Top 50.. so heres my take on her word..  TIME.
The criteria was to have a clock, check, the word time, check, and white cs.. check. !!

Dawson loves these rings and uses them as teethers.. so cute..

Lots of scrapping to get through before Darrels cousin arrives from england next weekend.. cant wait.. its gonna be one very busy week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But i love it and i am really happy with my layouts of late, they are coming together really easily.
Must run, have a photo shoot with a gf who is taking family shots of us tommorrow.....maybe i should get Darrel to dress up as Santa??? LOL !! I think there would be alot of people prepared to pay money for that one..
Hope the weather isnt too Blah !
Enjoy the weekend !!
Bek xxx

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I won I won :)

Yipee for me ... !

I won my first challenge !

I entered this layout  in Sue October Challenge at Scrapbooking Top 50 and it won !
Woo Hoo!!!

Heres the lo :

SM had rejected this one.. for the second time obviously not good enough oh well.
Knowing my luck they will pick up something i hate lol!
Have some exciting news to share tommorrow plus a few new los as well :)
Bek xx

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beyond the Door November.. and an opinion :-)

Gosh i dont know where it has been hiding but Mr mojo has made yet another appearance.
I am really enjoying my scrapping lately, as i feel i am just doing my own thing with the photo and i think its working for me.

So this is my take on Novembers Beyond The Door  challenge.

I am having fun with their challenges and the rooms are really inspiring. You can take colour or the room itself and draw inspiration from that or you can take the object and the feel of the room too. So many things.

Heres the room :

My take :

i increased this as its not the greatest photo. I found my settings out the other day.. and i re adjusted them but i think little hands has got hold of my camera again.. grrr..

 Close up :

So there you have it, another challenge down.. woo hooo.. and i still have a few on my to do list.. theres so many wicked challenges out there now.. you should check them out.

On a random topic...
Warning Beckys opinion ahead..
 I am hearing alot about the debate of copying.. and i would just like to say.. fair enough it may be your work, but if you dont want it copied in any part shape or form, its simple - dont share it publically.
The fact is people are inspired by others and whether they realise it or not some elements can be incorporated or you can be influenced by techniques or the like and use these on your own layouts. In essence really, sketches are copied arent they?
We all do it if we like the sketch or use elements of it.
For the most part good designers dont as a rule of thumb, they take the bare bones of the sketch and interpret it, they may flip it or adjust it to their style. Then it becomes theirs as such and not a duplication of the sketch.
To the sketchers, well having been one myself i totally get where youre coming from in the fact you dont want YOUR sketches used outside of your site, for outside challenges personal work etc, but the reality is you wouldnt even know if they are being used elsewhere.
I have seen my sketches all over the place, i saw one in america a little while ago on a blog of a woman who used to frequent the Scrapability site. Another woman liked hers so much she did the same sketch and interepreted it differently. I was actually quite chuffed it was getting around lol.
Alot of my Dt team that i had were regulars and still are in SM and SC and internationals as well.
So, i would just like to say IMHO..
I have always been told imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Thanks for reading this far .. if you have any comments you would like to make, please feel free would love to hear peoples thoughts too..

Happy Scrapping
Bek xx

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Black with 2 Challenge Dt Share

Black with 2 November challenge is here !


I LOVED this challenge.. the colours really inspired me and i had a ball with it..

Due to some confusion with colours.. we are now providing pics along with our challenges so you can see the colour pallete more clearly..
Heres the inspirational pic Eve gave us :

Heres the layout i have done using that inspiring photo!

Some closies....

My green beaded wire.. love it.
Just loved this challenge and this one has become my fave this year as it just pops off the page..

This is just random photo of Trini playing with her chalks on the ground in the carport. She is naturally curious about everything as most children are at this age and i think this photo shows that side of her.

So what about the little man? Havent done any photos of him for a while, but i have a few challenges coming up whereby i think he will be featured.

Havent got much on today, probably best to stay at home with this weird weather..

Heres some shots of the kids taken this past week :

 little man fell asleep on the floor..
 playing together yesterday ..

 my little thinker...

scooting around.. this morning ...

Well thats it for now... i think i am all posted out.. LOL!
i'll be back in a few more days with hopefully more to share !
Thanks for stopping by..
Happy Scrapping...
Bek xx

Another challenge share.. STG.. on a roll !

Hi !

Havent posted this much in a but when youre on a good thing......hope you dont get sick of me. :)

I am on 4 dt teams and although that most people think "wow", but its really (if you think about it ) only 1 layout a week, or if with Scrap with Vs case, a few more than that when we are doing kits..  he he.. but i get them done and its fun to say the least, especially at the moment because the mojos on fire. Inspirational too, because alot of the challenge blogs are coming up with great challenges that i am having alot of fun playing along with. Besides i can use my stash and then say to Darrel, "oh but hun, i need this.. lol!".. and he wonders where his daughter gets her cheeky nature from..

Speaking of which..

This is the latest challenge at Scrap the Girls and this is the November Challenge:


Well i had some pink..he he lol.. and some photos and some polkdot material.. and of course that was pink!
So i had a play and i quite like how this turned out !

Little miss got her mits on it whilst i was tending to Dawson and hence the large pink dots on the page..he he.. I figured well may as well embrace it. Certainly living up to the name !

I have used pink polkadot fabric, pink ribbon roses, ribbons, heidi swapp journal circle, snuck in a charm creations lollipop..(isnt it the cutest ? LOVE these) October Afternoon letters and word stickers, and a lovely bits and bobs button. The white half acetate doily on the side is packaging from my Prima butterflies.. love that you can reuse packaging from Prima .. i do it alot.

This photo was taken just after Dawson was born on a sunny day in March. He was napping and to let him sleep we went outside and had a play with her bike and her dolls outside. We were expecting visitors and this is how they got greeted ! She got my old sunglasses put them on and then banged into the door because she couldnt see ! Such a character !

Also, STG are currently hosting a DT Call here, they are on the hunt for some new team members.. why not give it a go?

Thanks for looking and stopping by
Happy Scrapping
Bek xx

Kraft It Up November..

Back again.

Just a quick one tonight..
Have been creating today as Trin is in childcare.. (gotta love that lol..- i am such a bad mum..he he.. to say that, but i am sure most of you mums would understand..)
Today Dawson slept for a while longer as he is teething which gave me even more time than usual, so that was great.
I got a few DTs done, but cant share those.

Heres what i can share though..


Kraft It Ups November Challenge is quite an easy one this month..


So i took inspiration from this :

(Yes it is had an accident with the glimmermist.. he he..)

And came up with this....

This is Trinity just before Dawson woke up one day. It was a sunny day late August and we were all outside under the carport and just walking her doll in her pram.  She started looking at the rose that was beginning to blossom in the garden, and thats when this pic was taken hence the journalling.

I was really inspired by the journalling on the page and the lettering style. I found it a GREAT way to use up all your left over alphas and rubons. Lots of old letters and new ones too the same with the embellies. .

Thats it from me for today, need some beauty sleep, thanks for stopping by.

Happy Scrapping
Bek xx

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life ...........and WW1 Challenge

Hi all.

Been trying to do some challenges this month as i hardly got any done last month..
so first off the rank is WW1.
The White with One challenge is as follows:
Just kept it simple with a 8.5 x11 and some flower clusters..
Prima flowers, paper doily, backstitch on the bottom, ribbon, Oct afternoon paper, sunshine glimmermist.
Why not have a go ?

and this is life..

Ahhh .. the joys of parenthood..
Feeding time..

Such a mother hen..LOL!

I know this stage wont last long so i am hoping i will try and get as much as i can.
 Dawson is teething and its got him all out of his routine.. poor little mite, doesnt know if hes arthur or martha.. cant settle during the day so i just let him go until he really cracks it - it seems to be working.

Not much from me today.. have to go sort out a mischeious little munchkin... who is quiet..hmmm.. that means shes up to no good..
Scrapping tonight once  the kids are down and have a load of Scrappy things to mark off my list for November ..who ever thought i'd become a list freak ?
Have a good one..
Bek xx

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another November Share.. Southern Girls Scrappers.

Another November share i can finally post..
I liked this one.
Simple but oh so cute..
This is my first layout for Southern Girls Challenge.
Southern Girls Challenge is a monthly international challenge site and i am on the team with some wicked talent from all over the world. Alot of the girls are beautiful card makers as well. Check the team out (on my sidebar) and please leave them some love.

This challenge Challenge 31 is all about music, so right up my alley !!! It had to feature something in the title.. again right up my alley.. so heres what i came up with :

So i have used a Charms Creations handmade flower which i left white..i have used ink and graphite glimmermist with a doily in my stash. Letters are Jenni Bowlin (which i adore) and a Heidi Swapp round quote. The rest are various bits and peices from my stash and it only took me an hour to whip up.. gotta love that ! Sometimes i can be so tired after looking after the rugrats all day that i dont then have the energy or time to then do a 3 hr project. So something like this is great !
Its an 11x 8.5 i know i know.. i dont usually scrap in this size, but i have before and i kind of like it actually.
Besides i get extra cardstock so win win all around i say !
The night i created this i found Sara Lees mini cheesecakes in the freezer.. they WERE brought for Trinity as they are bite size, BUT mum couldnt stop at ONE or TWO could she ? Ended up polishing the WHOLE lot off.. DARN YOU SARA LEE!
So i needed to walk an extra hour for the next two days with the kids in the!
Talking of which here are some randoms today..

Watching Tv.. NICELY!
Dont you love the arm around her .. his daddy teaching him well..

 On the swing... Dawson just so loves this thing and i just want it out of my house !

Trinity under the carport on her trike near my car... eating a "mite" sandwich..

Well i am off for now.. have to run and get the house clean before rugrats wake up !
Back tommorrow with some more shares..
Bek xx

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New month.. new layout..

Hi Everyone..

As i will be having to do a few layout shares and everyone hasnt got their new posts up yet, i will be sharing over the next few days or the week as they come out..

This is the November sketch for Scrap with V, its a rocking sketch and i loved this doing this layout for it.
The Dt absoloutely nailed this sketch and so many different twists.. check out the amazing dts examples here : Scrapbook Kits - Scrap with V .
This is the sketch :

This is my take on the sketch :

PP: Prima Prima Prima.. lol and a bit of websters.. lol.
I liked the twine actually and although i had never used it like that before i found it quite easy to position after thinking it was going to be hard. I think the letters are Authentqiue but i am not sure.. i have brought so much Authentique lately that i am not sure.. Maybe you can tell I have a button from Lovely Bits and Bobs.. the doily i found in my stash..and the butterfly would you believe is just my ms punch punched into some left over green packaging that had a glossy side to it from one of the kids toys? He he.. so many things you can do when you think outside the square thats why i love scrapping so much..

This is Trinity just on 10 mths.. last year.
Journalling reads - "my girl you are no shrinking voilet" which is a quote my friend Lisa describes her with and shes absoloutely right.
She certainly lets you know shes around thats for sure..

On  a personal note..
I have decided that life is too short about worrying about things that arent in my control, so at the moment i am concentrating on the here and now and the positives in life. Something i should have done long ago.

At the moment i am grateful for :

* Having a beautiful family
* Having a wonderful hubby who takes wonderful care of me and my kids and allows me to stay at home to care for them.
* Having happy and healthy kids..
* Having a fantastic supportive family that adores our two kids.
* Having great friends on line and in real life who i love very dearly (and dont unfortunately get to see enough of.)
* Being on 4 wonderful Dt spots that all inspire me to create and allow me to have some selfish "me" time.
* Having a great Dt team on Scrap that Song as they are all wonderful artists who come up with clever and creative songs each month for others to be inspired by!

What are you grateful for? Let me know in my comments or blog about it then provide me a link so i can see..  i would love to hear about your stories too.. !

Back with more shares soon..
 Happy Scrappin
Bek xx