Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today i am going to... lol..

Hi everyone..

Im not usually a list maker, but ever since i have had dawson, i have made lists..
lists for shopping, lists for the kids backpacks, and for the nappy bag, lists of housework,
lists of what bills to pay... i've become my mum !! arghh.. not such a bad thing.. but to me -  i prided myself on remembering things.. well not anymore.. lol. baby brain has hit well and truly..
Now i have a list for scrapping..  what products i want to use, or have used, and now what challenges i want to do.. so for this week i have set myself a few challenges..

1. Do 1 or more challenges from Scrapbooking Top 50s Camera Lights Action cc.. on tonight at 8.00 sa time..
2. Scrap the girls one.. looking forward to that one ( have the lo planned in my head already !)
3. Scrap that song my new site.. have to do this one.. lol..
4.White with one 
5.Scrap the boys..

Hopefully i will get them all done.. if not theres always next week.. !

 I will leave you with a few pics taken in the last few days..

 Lacey our cat..
 Dawson in his new bumbo..

Trini being cheeky..

Have a great day doing whatever you have planned.. :)

Bek xx

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