Sunday, August 14, 2011

Busy Busy Busy mad house..

Oh it has been a madhouse here lately, Daz has been sick and so have the kids and me..
It has taken us all ages to get over it, and Trinity is now teething really badly.. so grumpy, it never ends huh?
Dawson is a little gem, just happily playing and sleeping, hes just gorgeous.

Anyway i have managed to get my DT work done for Scrapbookkits..(scrapwithv) which is good as i never thought i would get it done.. lol.

So here it is :

Not a great photo, sorry - usually its better but it was taken late at night..
 So what else is going on this month ?

* My sis is overseas at the moment, having a blast for her birthday .. so jealous.. i just hope she comes back safely.

* I am thinking of studying again.. have to find more information out yet hopefully we can afford it.

* Darrels cousin is coming to visit from england.. so excited..we just have to see when shes coming but it should be around the end of the year.. i have never met her but talk to her on Fb alot.. so we are all excited.

* Wanting to get Trinity into swimming lessons, and dancing or music lessons and we are starting potty training next weekend lol. Its getting full on around

* With the somewhat warmer weather approaching we are getting out more and more which is nice and Trins able to play outside.

Heres the latest pics of the kids taken just yesterday - Trins just in love with her brother at the moment but i have to watch them together though - she doesnt realise shes much stronger than him and could suffocate him, but its just so cute that she loves him.. His face just lights up when shes around.. just beuatiful - i'll enjoy it before the inevitable fights start.. when he gets older.

 Just checking the nappy for mum..

A smile for mum.

 A cuddle... awww... BE GENTLE!
 yes mum??
me and my dummy.. :)

I just love these pics.. i am very lucky they both love the camera and the camera just adores them.. kids of scrapbookers.. who wouldve thought? lol.

Well thats it for us for now..

Cheers Bek xx.

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