Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Challenge at BW2..

Well its another month over at BW2, i am having such fun over at that site, the girls are great and Eve is gorgeous, i am so lucky to be on a lovely DT, thats so easy and stress free.

So heres the challenge :


How easy is that ? It lends itself to all sorts of prettiness and the Dt have excelled themselves this month i think. Its very versatile this month as you can do either a boys or girls lo, and still incorporate both colours.
I personally found this my favourite colour combo.

As you can see i am still having fun with flowers, and this really lended itself to some primas lol.
I can see this becoming a VERY expensive habit and its kind of becoming addictive lol, but i must admit i have heaps to use yet and i had an idea to use just the white primas and mist them to the colour i want.
I think this may just work..

Over at Scrap That Song, we have our next challenge up.. for the month of October.. cant wait to see some gorgeous entries..

The main songs are :
* Star Wars Theme-George Lucas
* You gotta have friends -Bette Midler
* Beautiful People - Chris Brown
* The circle of life -Elton John - theme from lion king
* Sweet Dreams -Eurythmics
* Kite -U2

Find the link here and put your entry up using mr
Cant wait to see what everyone has in store for us this month !

On a personal note, todays my dads birthday, he would have been 76.
My dad was a funny man. He had a wicked sense of humour, which i have inherited from him, and was a kind, honest and loving man who lived for his family. He was a quiet man, not wanting much fanfare or fuss made about him and loved my mum to pieces. I am happy to say he taught me and my sisters what a family man should be. May you rest in peace dad..

At home, things are great, currently planning an engagement party and starting on the wedding.. i think i may be a 12 by the time the wedding comes around.. so back to my normal weight at last!! i'm having trins dress made, to my own design and have my eyes on a few dresses already.. this time i am buying one, as i wont have time for fittings.. now just have to find a place to have

The kids are rolling along, Dawsons growing bigger and bigger, now 8 kg, at 7 1/2 mths, hes such a happy little fella.. Trins saying more words and getting noisier and, so not the delicate little flower!
Trin and i go for a long walk on sundays to give dad and dawsy some male time. Then, on Tuesdays whens in care, Mum and Dawsy have some time together playing..
I am looking at getting Trin into swimming lessons next month. Cant wait for that, shes just a fish...unlike her

 Better run, dawsys waking up looking for a bottle..
Bek xx

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  1. Oh My! this is the most adorable layout Beks,I can't believe I'm the only person that's called by to leave you some love here! this is just sooooo gorgeous!