Tuesday, January 10, 2012

another day another share :)

Hi !

Well i have another share today.

Just a random just because. I have decided to do more "me" layouts!
Not for a dt not for a theme, not for a challenge site, but just because i want to.

Here it is :)

Dawson at Play.

This year is all about organisation for me.
I am not trying to just organise the household but my personal time too.
Do u ever feel like its getting all too much ?
Well it can be here testing days and the like - the kids can be terrors at times like most peoples but then, i think how lucky i am to have them at all and i know that these stages pass.
Then i look at the photos i scrap of my kids and i fall in love with them all over again.

We have been hit with an icy blast here today. But thats melbourne weather for ya !
Poor kids theyre so bored..hopefully we can get out on the weekend.

On other news i have left my old job and now have an interview tommorrow.. wish me luck.
Bek xxx


  1. I am nodding my here about things feeling like to much.. when I get that point its generally because I ahve lost my balance.
    But yes.. its great creating just for you. I also LOVE that page and that photo is super cute :)) x

  2. Gorgeous layout and it is great just to scrap "for u" Bek sometimes!!
    Keep up the great work with everything and hope the weather gets a bit better sooon!!lol!!