Saturday, March 3, 2012

Woo Hoo !! New Month !

Woot Woot !

I love March !!
Not only is it my birthday month, but i love it because it signals the new cooler weather as well.. rain.. autumn, etc,. i love it all :)
Yeah call me sad, but i really do love it, i love cuddling up to Darrel and a nice bowl of soup or snuggling with the kids under the blankies.. and a nice warm cup of coffee or hot chockie.. yumm.. yep i love it.. and of course then because you can get distracted by the hot weather... you can SCRAP!

SO with March.. comes new challenges.. here are mine for the month !!

Over at Scrap with V, we have the kit for March i designed..
Please find it here :Scrap with V March Kit designed by Bek..
Its a great reasonably priced kit this month as well and you get so much out of it.. i loved all the flowers and the colours were really easy to use together.. thanks Jules for another wonderful kit.

Here are the los :

i really love this one above, it shows off the kit really lovely and i really love the autumn leaves flower stamp, i think it might become a new fave lol..

Another simple one, just using the kit to its full advantage. How cute is this photo? Lots of gesso to create texture and dry brushing the torquoise paint around. i like how this looks..

Next up..

Southern Girls Challenges..

My last lo for the girls.. :(

Hidden Journalling..

Note the tags on the left?? Hidden journalling which reads :

Trin, as you grow older, our wish for you is to be loving, gentle, patient, kind, to be thoughtful and respectful of others. Be passionate about what you believe and stand up for your rights, but dont stand on others points of view. Remember everyone is equal and deserves a chance as much as you do. Never be rude or disrespectful, treat others as you would like to be treated. Stick up for others who cant fend for themselves, not a bully,and be a leader,not a follower, be confident, not arrogrant, be firm, not forceful, be tactful, not tactless and you will go far.. :)

So sad to leave the team..:(.. wish i could have stayed on :(

Onto Scrap the Boys

Heres the March Challenge : the colour red, the title, life is good...

I have just done my first lo for the CT..


 Not the greatest pic, but the lighting here has been terrible..due to our bad weather...

I loved this challenge.. :) Bring on more !!

and finally a sponsored product challenge for STS for March Sponsor The chip chop shop .. thanks to the lovely Miss Leeann Pearce for her sponsorship this month.. it means alot !!  

Dont you just love her clay buttons?? LOVe, Love, Love !!
I am so in love with the little girl that prays ..LOL !

Well thats it for me today.. will be back in the next few days with some more shares..

Take care.. :)

Bek xoxo


  1. Now that's some awesome work/creating, Bek!!!
    Is that a stamp or rubon for your "Life is Good", layout...'cause I love it!!!!
    Keep up the awesomeness!!!
    Kim x

  2. I love all those layouts Bek and I agree I like the cooler weather too.

  3. Thanks Ladies !
    Its a rubon kim and perfect for the!
    Bek xo