Saturday, July 14, 2012

Its been a while hasnt it?


If you have all been wondering where i have been, well i have had to have my gallbladder out. I had this out in May after nearly 6 months of in and out of hospital for re ocurring bouts of pain and sickness.
I decided to give myself some time off from blogland and recover slowly so when i did come back at least i would be refreshed.
But that didnt mean i stopped creating..
so onto some shares !
During my time away... Mel told me that i have been accepted to design for STB for another six months.. i am so excited..
so heres our July Challenge.. on school photos..
STB July
and my take on it..

This is a photo of my dad in school. Its a bit worn, but unfortunately we couldnt get the original fixed although we tried a few times. In the end i decided to use anyway as it adds to the vintage feel.

Heres some other things i have created but havent been able to share..

Scrap the boys June..

Subject : Helping..

I was sick when i did this, had just come out of hospital and didnt upload it in time.. but at least i got it done..

Dawson is my little helper and loves to help me hang out the washing (and also pull it down :) ) packing things up and getting them out, unmake the bed lol and messing up his sisters room..
I think its a sign of things to come..

Also, i have another share, yes i was busy wasnt i ?

This is also for Scrapbook kits..

I had to use this photo, as its one i had been dying to scrap it and the colours in this kit were perfect for it.
Dawson and proud papa just minutes after he was born, as Darrel was still in his theatre scrubs.
The key to my heart is in my home life, i think this kit really had me from the minute  i got it. You kind of get caught up in day to day things all the time and sometimes its nice to be reminded of this.. and how lucky you actually are.

Well in other news .. challenge heaven has now closed. I am finalising the site next week. Its sad, but due to rising costs and ning, i have decided to close it down.
On a more exciting note, i have launched Challenge Inc a new blog challenge site. Three challenges per month including one sketch and some great sponsors as well.
Challenges are due 14th month and new ones are listed on the 15th i hope you can find time to check us out !!
Anyway thanks for stopping by !
Happy Scrapping.
Bek xo

Tommorrow, we are doing a blog hop for SKWAD so make sure you come and check it out ! Our girls are so talented !

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