Monday, May 30, 2011

i can share finally :) xx

I have a few i can share today as per yesterdays post.
 I dont pretend to take good photos - stupid camera lol but hopefully you get the idea..

First one was a class... at a local SS..

This one i did cause i was trying the technique on for size..

so there they are .

and then this for charms challenge .... its actually the art journal challenge.. quite a good one to do..

Yes this one is about me and my ex but hey .. !!
i wanted to have the dvorce papers as the background, but couldnt get to them - theyre in a box in a shed.

i liked doing this one alot and it was kind of cleansing to do it, lol..closure is good for the soul...

All done with leftovers of this and that..

Gotta go kids to feed ..
bec xx

i am currently doing two more challenges so will upload these tommorrow.

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