Tuesday, May 31, 2011

not much today

Just waiting for the kids to wake up.. cant believe its so quiet.. just enjoying the serenity..
My big sis is coming today for lunch will be nice to spend some time with her b4 she goes away overseas..
Well i have done another lo.. here it is..:

Have to admit i am scrapping again finally and am loving it again.. getting inspired all over again.. a break always recharges the batteries...

Trinity and Dawson are both great . dawsy is smiling away - am loving it. Trinity is teething.. am hating it lol.
Other than that everythings great !

Have made a decision to enter the STGs contest, sent an entry to Mal the other night, ct announced 2 morrow.
I have a feeling i didnt make it but thats ok..  i am glad i just entered this time around.

Off to chat with charm for their june cybercrop 2 morrow night..come join us...


Well off now.. quick clean up b4 sis gets here.

Happy Scrappin..
bek xx

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