Thursday, September 29, 2011

Phew made it.. just !

Phew.. what a week it has been ! Very tiring and very trying for sure..But i have made it through and just taking a well earned break.

So i decided to make the entry for WW1s challenge.. wasnt sure about entering this one as its a little similar to everyone elses.. so took my time in deciding, but thought why not give it a go !
I havent had much time to do many challenges this month, but i thought this one sounded fun.
This is a very different take for me, as i have a problem with layering flowers and so i just found some time to play around with some prima flowers and this is the result..
Sweet Dreams..

Most of the flowers are prima... i just love pretty prima flowers and just a few bits and pieces i had in my stash.. had quite a bit in pink i didnt even know.. lol. Probably needed splashes of pink paint thrown on but my pink wasnt right and i thought i would muck it up..sometimes its best to just leave it be.
The journalling reads :

A sweet baby  lullaby i sing to you
so i can i watch you peacefully sleep
how naive i was to think
my love for another could run so deep.

I thought the quote summed it up perfectly.

I think i like this one personally. If you know me well, you know i am very girly and i love pink, so this really couldnt be any more up my, but i have always had a hard time layering flowers so have steered clear of them until now.. but i think i like this style, so i will keep going. Its fiddly and a little time consuming, but once i "get it" i am happy to stick down straight away and leave it. Funny how that happens huh? Mind you this may become expensive lol..

Oh well thats it from me today.. two posts in one day !!
I am off to prepare for tonight and go giggle at my little man whos watching giggle n hoot.. he just loves that show.. !
Have a great Friday and weekend..
Bek xx


  1. stunning !!!! so breathtaking .. love it .. hugz x

  2. this is gorgeous Rebekkah - very cute xoxo Charmane

  3. Lovely layout...your flower clustering is beautiful!