Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beyond the Door November.. and an opinion :-)

Gosh i dont know where it has been hiding but Mr mojo has made yet another appearance.
I am really enjoying my scrapping lately, as i feel i am just doing my own thing with the photo and i think its working for me.

So this is my take on Novembers Beyond The Door  challenge.

I am having fun with their challenges and the rooms are really inspiring. You can take colour or the room itself and draw inspiration from that or you can take the object and the feel of the room too. So many things.

Heres the room :

My take :

i increased this as its not the greatest photo. I found my settings out the other day.. and i re adjusted them but i think little hands has got hold of my camera again.. grrr..

 Close up :

So there you have it, another challenge down.. woo hooo.. and i still have a few on my to do list.. theres so many wicked challenges out there now.. you should check them out.

On a random topic...
Warning Beckys opinion ahead..
 I am hearing alot about the debate of copying.. and i would just like to say.. fair enough it may be your work, but if you dont want it copied in any part shape or form, its simple - dont share it publically.
The fact is people are inspired by others and whether they realise it or not some elements can be incorporated or you can be influenced by techniques or the like and use these on your own layouts. In essence really, sketches are copied arent they?
We all do it if we like the sketch or use elements of it.
For the most part good designers dont as a rule of thumb, they take the bare bones of the sketch and interpret it, they may flip it or adjust it to their style. Then it becomes theirs as such and not a duplication of the sketch.
To the sketchers, well having been one myself i totally get where youre coming from in the fact you dont want YOUR sketches used outside of your site, for outside challenges personal work etc, but the reality is you wouldnt even know if they are being used elsewhere.
I have seen my sketches all over the place, i saw one in america a little while ago on a blog of a woman who used to frequent the Scrapability site. Another woman liked hers so much she did the same sketch and interepreted it differently. I was actually quite chuffed it was getting around lol.
Alot of my Dt team that i had were regulars and still are in SM and SC and internationals as well.
So, i would just like to say IMHO..
I have always been told imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Thanks for reading this far .. if you have any comments you would like to make, please feel free would love to hear peoples thoughts too..

Happy Scrapping
Bek xx


  1. Fabulous take on the BTD room Bek... love the colour and the bubble wrap stamping! Thanks for joining in and sharing. Catie. :)

  2. Love your layout Bek!
    Have missed seeing your work!!
    Hugz xx